Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do if you have a project coming up and you would like a quote or ideas, and need a professional opinion we can offer a free estimate.

No. The reason why we don’t give free estimates for troubleshooting is because there’s a lot of work involved in troubleshooting, for example when troubleshooting we will have to open up switch boxes and receptacle boxes as well as remove fixtures from the ceiling looking at all the wiring and making sure things are tight and connected that incurs Valuable  times.  We charge a minimal service call fee and an hourly wage. We can find a problem within a couple hours and then once we find a problem we can give you a free estimate to fix it.

We have over 20 years of valuable electrical experience I’m home commercial and industrial areas.

It really depends if you are remodeling and you are tearing drywall down then, yes city code requires you, to get a permit if you are just making simple repairs and/or having trouble shooting done to your home to repair something existing answer would be no.

We accept all forms of payment such as cash, check and credit cards. All  payments are due upon completion of the work unless otherwise estipulated before the job has started.